'Dancing on the volcano' is a song that inspired Juliette Santegoeds and Esther van Wegen to start their first festival 'On the volcano'.
They meant to share societal topics that are burning in our minds and to create an artistic reaction around them. Art driven by passion.
This year we combined forces with several initiatives, creating a Shareable sharefest and OuiShare Fest satellite event in the same time.

"A two day festival about sharing arts, workshops,
food, drinks and dancing. About sharing richness in
all dimensions at the age of communities."

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Volcanic effects in Mexico

Not only in The Hague a volcano about sharing richness in all dimensions is burning. The OuiShare Fest satellite event in Mexico held on the 9th of May used the same image, saying that collaborative consumption is active in Mexico. As in many more Spanish speaking cities satellite events were held like in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Valencia, Santiago..

Translation of this article by Google is possible.

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