'Dancing on the volcano' is a song that inspired Juliette Santegoeds and Esther van Wegen to start their first festival 'On the volcano'.
They meant to share societal topics that are burning in our minds and to create an artistic reaction around them. Art driven by passion.
This year we combined forces with several initiatives, creating a Shareable sharefest and OuiShare Fest satellite event in the same time.

"A two day festival about sharing arts, workshops,
food, drinks and dancing. About sharing richness in
all dimensions at the age of communities."

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Volcanic desires.. 2015

Here we are: Juliette Santegoeds with her desire to start Lava Productions and myself just starting my own company for sharing: Amanda Jansen Is.. (always searching for a new passion) after our saturday morning gym: NIA Dancing.

Sipping over a glass of white wine, dreaming away on the volcanic feeling of our past sharefest. It was simply amazing. What will it be like next year? And what was the secret making it so wonderful?

Often we try to compare, visiting other parties with a meaning like the Lightsparks Festival or the Light and Darkness Party we will attend tonight. Just around the corner in the Inventors Quarters at a green coliving community. 

One of the reasons we were so happy and we do keep inspiring each other and experimenting towards next year is simply the word Volcano! It means we create space to experiment on the edge of safety. It also means we can project all our passions, dreams, imaginations, visions, aims, desires and ideals on the next sharefest.

We hope the spark will reach as many people as possible. Creating a nomadic path throughout our city. Being socially bound for a better society, that also means we hope we can bring benefit to anyone as well as being inclusive towards other communities. So they can join us in the sharing fire.

So today we started to associate with the word volcanic, feeling, passion, fire... seeing bright images of arising angels out of the liquid fire, burning and glowing lava, pink clouds of volcanic smoke and maybe firy ice cream. Remembering the grateful and loveable feeling that we had receiving 250 guests joining us in our quest to search for all dimensions of richness. It was not hard to become almost poetic.
On The Volcano
Experiment with the unsafe..
In a loveable surrounding
Wherein you melt
And all always becomes more.. 
Love might be the most scary thing there is, because you give up on yourself completely, Because you can loose yourself in a larger whole. In On The Volcano you loose yourself in a larger whole. Together you share more..  

That gives you an immense feeling of gratefulness, Of recognition, Passion, The recognition that you share the same, That you are human, That you actually love the same things.
The fire that streams, torrid, all devouring, volcanizing, pulverizing, petrifying, satisfying, saturating, fertile. Brittle, airy, crusty, rustling, cracking, crackling.

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